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Adjustable Sterling Silver bangle with handstamped charms.

Have your wedding date or children's birthdates, initials, names or symbols stamped on Sterling Silver charms.


**Please indicate in notes if you wish to have a small bangle which fits 7.0"-8.5" in diameter (child to petite adult) or a large bangle which fits 8.0"-9.5" in diameter and is for average to large adults.



Sterling Silver Bangle with 1 charm

SKU: 0003
PriceFrom C$50.00
  • It is NOT recommended to wear your sterling silver jewellery in the shower. Water generally does not damage sterling silver, BUT water does cause silver to oxidize (darken) more quickly, and what type of water and the chemicals in it has an impact on how much it will cause your silver change color.

    Never wear your sterling silver jewellery in a hot tub, mineral spring, swimming pool, or any other chemically treated water. Wearing your sterling silver jewellery often, may be one of the best ways to keep it looking beautiful and reduce tarnish buildup.

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