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Hi! I'm Amie.

P3 Stamped With Love started after I had fully ruptured my achilles tendon while doing a tik tok dance challenge with my oldest son. We were in the first covid lockdown and stuck in the house in a cast for several months and I needed an outlet.

I was inspired to start making hand stamped jewellery the year prior when I was looking for a special piece to commemorate a significant life event and I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere. I stuffed this dream on the back burner because I was a busy working mom of two sweet and energetic little boys and just didn't have time. After my injury, I had plenty of time to sit down and start creating. I haven't been happier. This is the creative outlet that was missing in my life.

P3 stands for prayer-filled, precious pieces because as I'm stamping and making your pieces, I am praying blessings and good intentions for you, the person you are gifting it to and all the names or initials being stamped on your special piece.


I'd love to connect more to see what you love and what I can stamp on a

bracelet or necklace for you.


Amie | P3 Stamped with Love | St. Catharines Custom Jewelry

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